Wah Antilia!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Recently my imaginary shayar friend sent these lines to me:

Ab main samjha Mumbai Sheher mein Antilia ka matlab,
Daulat-e-Reliance pe scarecrow bithha rakha hai!

(Now I know the importance of Antilia in Mumbai City.
It is a scarecrow to guard the fortunes of Reliance.)

This is so unfair. Guys, guys, guys, what is this fuss about Antilia? It is the most beautiful building I have seen in a long time. I am aghast at the negative press. Unlike the designers, decorators and other contractors, I have not signed any confidentiality agreement, so I can divulge this little secret. Mukesh Ambani’s new home Antilia is constructed according to my Vastu advice.

The Grist Mill Got Pages!

Friday, October 15, 2010

You can see these pages as tabs at the top of the blog. This feature to publish “static information on stand-alone pages” was unveiled by Blogger in February. Earlier, I thought I didn’t need these pages, but finally decided to add them so that The Grist Mill looks cool and professional like other blogs.

Home: This is the main blog page.
About Me!!

Contact:  Now, I did not create this page to look cool, but only to give respite to the poor kabootar.

Borrowed Verses: My favorite poems

Writing advice: Useful tips from the masters on the craft of writing.

Super-Duper Archives:  This page provides links to all the posts published on The Grist Mill along with related pictures, summaries, posting dates, and number of comments.


A Personal Appeal From The Grist Mill Founder

Thanks for your visit and also for bringing your own grain!

Humans Are Our Best Friends

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tiger the Dog lost in thoughts!
(Picture courtesy free-computer-wallpaper.com)
A few days ago, I was highly disturbed and deeply distressed. Memories of the time when the Dog’s parents had come to live with us and the Bitch had thrown such tantrums that they had to leave the house had been haunting me. To make matters worse, when the Bitch’s parents came to visit us, the Dog behaved very rudely towards them. It made me anxious about my own impending old age. Would they throw me out of the house as well? But that was until I had a hearty chat with Kaalicharan in the park, where we go to relieve ourselves.

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