How To Prevent Earthquakes

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When an airplane shakes in midair, we call it turbulence. Similarly, when the ground beneath our feet shakes, we call it an earthquake. I hope you do not confuse either of these with milkshake, which falls under an entirely different category.

Air turbulence causes only panic and motion sickness among the passengers unless the aircraft is going to crash, while earthquakes can render widespread devastation and destruction. The buildings and bridges could go tumbling down and turn into rubble, crushing human beings as you crush ants and other lowly creatures with your shoes.

Life Goes On

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The parting was difficult. Neither you wanted to leave, nor did I want to lose you. It was our destiny to go our separate ways.

When we were together, I never thought much about you, though you were always there for me. You endured all the sweet and bitter moments of life with me. I took you for granted. You were my hidden pearl, always keeping a low profile. I regret not caring enough for you. Never knew my sweet indulgences were afflicting you until you rebelled and started pestering me.

Stop Domestic Abuse

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who loves well, punishes well
This is important. Domestic abuse should be condemned in strong words. It is an epidemic. According to one study only 1% of all domestic abuse is reported to the police. The reasons behind this underreporting could be that either people want to maintain the façade of pride and honor of their families, or they become so habitual that they consider it a normal behavior

Before I started writing this post, I used to think domestic abuse meant abusing domestic animals. I had read about them in primary school, and every year from 1st to 5th standard, I always got full marks in exams for the essay “The Cow” until it was replaced with “Independence Day” in middle school. That was the time when my percentage dropped drastically. But none of the essays had any mention of abuse. Thus to research this topic, my first step was to find out the definitions of the words domestic and abuse.

A Tale of Two Revolutions

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

(Picture courtesy
In the year 2011, a sizeable percentage of Indian population woke up from a deep slumber not because an army of termites had eaten away the couch they were sleeping on, but from the drum beats of Anna Hazare’s managers.

The managers specifically targeted the sociable Facebookers, Baba Ramdev’s simple followers, and Sri Sri’s suave breathers. All of them except a tiny minority instantly fell in love with Anna. In other words, Anna ki lagan was bujhaye na bane for many, and lagaye na lage for a few. He was an adorable affable old man, always saying nice things, and ready to sit on hunger strike for good causes.