In Viru’s Embrace

Friday, November 23, 2012

"Hey there, pretty mama!" ~ Johnny Bravo
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Viru came, Viru did not even see, and Viru conquered. Viru is like that only. He arrived without any prior information. We had to cancel our modest Thanksgiving-week plans, which included a two-day stay-over by our family friends. Once Viru is in the house, he keeps you so occupied that you cannot entertain anyone else.

I just couldn't do anything to resist Viru. His presence increased my heartbeat and temperature and within a few hours, he completely overtook all my senses. “Such love could kill people,” I told Viru, while popping pills. In my dreamy, hazy state, Bollywood songs came to my rescue.

Four More Years!

Friday, November 9, 2012

President Barack Obama embracing his wife Michelle Obama
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Friends, I am in mourning. The defeat of Mitt Romney of the Grand Old Party, whose followers are somewhat similar to the dharm-ke-thhekedar or the upholders of faith in our own country, has left me heartbroken.

Jai Mata Di: My Navratri Celebrations

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Please forgive me for being away from the blogosphere. I do know how desperately you wait for my blog updates. While in the past, the delay used to be due to lack of ideas, health problems, or family responsibilities, this time the blame is entirely on the ongoing festive season.

Actually, I was not so religious while growing up. In fact, my neighborhood aunties who, at the slightest hint from their religious calendars would deck themselves up along with their puja thalis to visit a temple, which was unfortunately located behind my home, would change their route if they saw me playing outside. I was definitely not the devil they made me out to be; rather I was an innocent child just curious to know why they flocked to the temple when God could listen to them even if they prayed at their homes or in their hearts.