My Hidden Talent

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have an extraordinarily well-developed hidden talent, which I have been trying to bring out to display for the benefit of the whole world, but try as hard as I can, it remains inside and refuses to manifest itself in its full glory. I am dead sure about my musical talent because in my head, I can sing all my favorite Bollywood songs and ghazals in correct pitch and perfect rhythm with the ease and panache of the original singers.

While my husband tells me that music is not my cup of tea and that I should spend more time in the kitchen making real tea, I believe I can perfect my actual singing with due patience, diligence, and practice.

Thus for the past several years, I have been training my vocal chords during all my waking hours.

Whenever we go out, my daughter walks 15 feet ahead of me and communicates only via text messages. She has indicated many times that if I didn’t stop singing in public, people would start doling out coins and dollar bills. But believe me, to this date, no one has ever offered me any money: not that I would mind it. Artists like me usually live on alms and do need some patronage.

The Unified Theory of Astrology and Astronomy

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rahu, the head of Demon Snake.
It swallows the Sun and the Moon, causing eclipses.
(via Wikimedia Commons)
Were you worried about the adverse effects of this century’s longest and darkest lunar eclipse? I know I was. According to the Hindu shastras, such events are extremely inauspicious, which means if you do not follow what the astrologers say, you will lose health, wealth, and wisdom if you had any of these despite following the astrologers.

The Grist Mill Productions Presents The Passionate Baba

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