A Disaster Not Yet Averted

Monday, June 25, 2012

A few months ago, something terrible happened. It was bound to happen. Looking back, I can tell that it occurred only because of my complacency. I was sitting on my bed in the safety of my home with a laptop, reading other blogs and anointing them with my expert comments, when I realized that my overgrown nails were causing some impediment while typing.

People think that mishaps occur only when they venture out of their homes. This is not true. To get in the way of harm, you don’t have to go to Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria, or play in traffic, or swim in shark-infested water. Calamity could strike you even inside your home. In fact, toilet injuries are far more common than shark attacks. According to a report, last year 75 people had suffered from shark bites all over the world, against 40,000 toilet related injuries. People even drown in bathtubs and buckets.

Stop Discrimination!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It is all the good that you are a hardworking person endowed with qualities and virtues, which are considered admirable in a human being, rather it is fantastic, marvelous, superb, but please, it does not mean that you can abuse those who are not like you.

Many narrow-minded and prejudiced bigots discriminate others on the basis of religion, race, caste, nationality, skin color, physical appearance, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc. I have nothing against such people. Poor souls, they themselves must have been victims of one or the other type of discrimination, hence could be suffering from inferiority complex. They have every reason to vent their frustrations.

What I find offensive is a type of discrimination which is widely prevalent all over the world, yet, no one speaks against it. Even I find myself at the receiving end. Amir Khan Sir, how much more should we suffer before you take up the cudgels on our behalf in Satyamev Jayate?