Father’s Day Messages From The Web

Monday, June 17, 2013

(via funmunch.com) 
Father’s Day was celebrated on June 16th this year. Fathers are held in high regard in India, and command great respect. As the head of a family, a father has to work hard to provide for his brood. Unlike their counterparts in the other parts of the world, most Indian fathers do not stop caring for their offspring even after they acquire adulthood. I have come across on my timeline many wonderful pictures and sincere, heartfelt outpourings of sons and daughters honoring and extolling the virtues of their dads. I am sharing a few inspiring posts which can be copied and sent to fathers in case someone falls short of words next time. I have edited these slightly for the sake of clarity.

Spicy Confessions

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

There was a time when I used to be as arrogant as the people who pepper their speech with obscenities and look down upon others who don't use foul language. Not that I knew I was arrogant; I merely considered myself superior to others on the virtue of my ability to eat extremely spicy food.

I learned from the health articles that contrary to some popular misconceptions, there weren't any evidence that chilies—red or green—caused slightest harm to our bodies or digestive tracks. Rather, chili peppers, along with other spices, stimulated our taste buds and produced saliva and other gastric juices, which helped in digestion. I found out that chilies had high vitamin C content and were low in fat and calories. In fact, a bowl full of chilies had 2.5 times more vitamin C than a bowl full of citrus fruits. Hot food kept our bodies cool in hot climate, and spices were natural food preservatives.