My Calling: To Be A Fisher of Students

Saturday, February 25, 2012

After watching Richard John "Rick" Santorum, one of the GOP presidential candidates, on news channels, I finally comprehended God’s purpose for sending me to this country. I am here to help Santorum in his holy fight. And together we will remove the plague of cultural liberalism and secularism from the schools and universities

I totally agree with all his views. The following three are especially close to my heart:

1. Contraceptives are harmful to women and to the society in general, which means that women should keep on having babies all through their reproductive years. Several women’s groups have been floored by his kind utterances. Being a woman, my own frigid heart has turned into slush by such warm consideration.

2. Homosexual acts and same-sex marriages are immoral. For this respected Santorum Ji has been receiving rich compliments from Dan Savage and friends.

3. Intelligent design is a legitimate scientific theory that should be taught in science classes. The theory of evolution is over hyped. Now, I am the perfect candidate who can help with this undertaking. I am a big proponent of intelligent design. This is why God must have thought that I was needed in this country.

The Grist Mill Miss India 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romancing the Crown
(Courtesy Miss Universe 2011)
The Grist Mill Miss India 2012, the country's most prestigious and only one of a kind beauty pageant, has begun with a bang. Today, the top 5 contenders for the coveted crown will be announced. The judges have selected these gorgeous finalists from a bevy of beauties, all of whom had gone through six weeks of intensive training in personal grooming, fashion, diet, fitness, and communication.

All five finalists are head-turners and show-stoppers. When they walk on a road, traffic comes to a halt. With their “chiseled bods, svelte figures, and toned physiques,” they will certainly inspire many young women and girls. During this contest period, these beauties have wowed the judges with their impeccable manners and behavior, striking a perfect balance between oomph and stateliness, docility and aggressiveness. All five have expressed their intense desire to work for world peace.

Please vote for your favorite contestants at the end of this post. The beauty you vote for could well go on to win the crown, and may even make her Bollywood debut next year. Not just that, there are many exciting prizes that you can send to the Grist Mill if your choice of the top three corresponds with the final choice of the judges. After casting your vote, please keep checking this page to find out who is leading among these five:

To Catch A Singing Bird

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In Somewhereland, everyone, from the king to the pauper on the road, secretly desires to keep a singing bird as a pet. The land is bestowed with incredible natural beauty. There is a river that never stops talking, flowers that dance with the breeze, trees that change colors every season, and above all, a variety of beasts and birds that fearlessly wallop, gallop, or hop around.

In spite of the fact that people have to work hard for a living, they are still deeply connected with the nature, intrinsically inclined to keep the beasts and the birds as pets.

If you talked to anyone, after exchanging initial pleasantries, they would inevitably inundate you with the accounts of antics and quirks of their pets just as the parents of young kids do.

A Singing Bird
(image source
The natives have all types of pets except for the singing birds—the most beautiful, lovely, and enchanting of all the creatures. The singing birds capture your heart at first sound and sight. The way they swoop, the way they perch and hop, the way they sing, they transcend you to a different level of consciousness. You forget all your pain and worries and feel as if you have become one with divinity. But, alas, when the bird flies away, you suffer acute heartache and melancholy, and pine for its company. You become desperate to own a singing bird.

You Can Be A Snob Too!

Friday, February 3, 2012

(Picture courtesy
Who doesn’t want to be a snob? You must have encountered many a snob in your life, secretly admired them, and ardently desired to be like them, but didn’t know how to become one. Well, until now because in the next few lines you are going to learn the finer aspects of snobbery, which you will find easy to inculcate in yourself.

Even if you consider snobbery an uncharted territory, you will definitely discover a hidden snob inside you, and will be able to unleash him in his full glory on this world. If you already are a snob, these tips will help you become a better snob.

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