Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Friday, December 3, 2010

I was about to compose a clarification regarding my role in the Niira Radia controversy—Vir Sanghvi and Barkha Dutt having already done that—when I saw pictures of the God Incarnate, Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s, birthday celebrations. They reminded me of an easy way out–to ask Him for help. No sooner did I remember Him than He made the Niira Radia-Giribala Joshi tapes disappear.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh attending
Sathya Sai Baba's 85th birthday celebrations (Picture courtesy TOI)
If you think Baba can’t walk, maybe you are right. The picture seems to suggest that He is suffering for the infirmity of His followers, just like Jesus Christ, who had suffered for the sins of mankind.

As you can see, even Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had gone to seek God’s blessings to stabilize his battered ship. During the past few months, the PM—despite his impeccable personal integrity, depleted authority, and zero accountability—has been in the dock for heading the most scam-tainted government in independent India. I hope God dissolves his troubles soon enough.

The Prime Minister spoke highly of Baba’s efforts in various fields like education, healthcare, water supply, etc. etc. In fact, the PM should now propose amendments to the Constitution that would let Sri Sathya Sai Organization take over the government, which would greatly expedite the process of fulfilling our desire to become a super power. Thereafter, all of us would happily sing Sai bhajans in chorus. To carry out this plan, we need many more Babas because India is such a large country.

We need many more Sathya Sai Babas to facilitate development
Young people, especially from IITs and IIMs, should come forward to become the harbingers of development. The only requirement would be that they should have an aptitude for magic tricks. And mind it, they would have to be better magicians than Sri Sathya Sai Baba because in this age of camera phones and YouTube, you need to be extremely careful, or risk embarrassment from rogue elements recording your shoddy tricks and dissecting them on the net for everyone to see. Look how a few faithless creatures have been running smear campaigns against Bhagwan Sai Baba. I strongly disapprove applying reason to activities which are related to faith and religion.

To write this post, I asked many people to share their personal experiences regarding Baba. A friend of mine sent me the following story:

“One of my colleagues would frequently release excessive intestinal gas in the office, which made the atmosphere malodorous. As a solution, we suggested that he kept a picture of Baba on his desk, but he flatly denied having any problem. We forcefully showed him the following video, which caused him to start vomiting, and our problem was solved for the time being.”

I have read extensively about Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, and have watched numerous enlightening videos of discourses and bhajans. If you want to learn more about Him click here. Your faith in Sai Baba can solve all your problems. And don’t forget to share your personal experiences in the comments section.

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Update April 15, 2011: Sai Baba stable but critical: OPEN Magazine: The Sai Succession, Act II


  1. Sarcastic all through. Enjoyed it :-)
    "despite his impeccable personal integrity, depleted authority, and zero accountability" — intelligently expressed.

  2. Ma'am, must tell you, you're a huge inspiration. You write extremely delightful and keep the reader glued with your subtly concealed sense of humour.

  3. Thank you so much, Tanay! You and your bunch of friends are a source of inspiration for me too :-)

  4. We should become harbingers of development by following in Baba's footsteps and perfecting his great magic deeds. I wonder why doesn't Manmohan Singh hand over all his duties to the great Baba. I think the great Baba can solve all the problems facing the country in a jiffy. It's disgusting to see so many Baba's around fooling millions of people. And that video is revolting!

  5. How deftly you have woven matters of faith and current affairs with a subtle hint of sarcasm....Nice.

  6. ROFLMAO! No other words for this one. And I strongly second what Tanay said. You rock GB!

  7. I actually wanted to see Sai Baba in this lifetime, but never got to do it yet. But that video was rather revolting!! Also, GB, I felt this post wasn't in your usual style... seemed hurried in a strange sort of way.

  8. Ajay, Lalit, Alka, Sammy, Pallavi.....thank you all for the encouraging words!
    @Pallavi: Do you still want to see Sai Baba?

  9. Dear GJ,
    FATWA on your way,for sure. Count on friends like us to plan for exile.

  10. Pustervik ji, thanks! I am counting on you. Now going to hide under the dining table. Don't tell anyone.

  11. i am jadat guru bhagwan sri Pau Bhaji Anand ji maharaj. Soon i'll be changing my name to Bhagwan shri Sheekh kabab anandji Maharaj as i am not a vegetarian. What you have written is quite annoying as I am I am (actually i am confused how to address myself) i think I am I am is fine, Do you have any suggestions ? afterall I am I am is God. So I am I am is holding the future of India and the universe in my sacred hands as all the Netas are falling at my holy feet.
    India is in the universe. But I am I am is outside the universe, watching you. i have to warn you that i have my own army of thugs along with my followers, bhaktas ?? and i have all the leaders and Netas in my pocket. So be careful
    yours truly
    I am I am
    I is God
    the big G
    My criminal records are available in three attractive bound volumes 199 dollars only. shipping extra. dollars only please no rupees.

  12. We really need more such videos. Good post.

  13. But am dying to hear the Nira Radia and Giribala Joshi tapes!!! NOW!
    I am seeking Sai Baba's help.

    Sarcy as hell, loved it!

  14. Can Baba do something to vanish the corrupt politicians coming to him for darshan & blessings please? instead why he obliges them by giving them all the darshans and blessings to do more of it!

  15. I personally do not ever take Babas seriously.It is not even worth it.

  16. @rauf, I mean, Jadat Guru Bhagwan Sri Pau Bhaji Anandji Maharaji, don't change your name because I am a vegetarian. you need tone down if you want more followers. You can be arrogant once you have a following.

    @IHM: thanks! let's hope the information age helps the poorest of the poor.

    @Purba: I will seek double help....

    @BKC: Aisa lagta hai aap Baba se naraaz hain.

  17. @SRA: Good point :-) Maybe because the corrupt ones have more money to donate for the hospitals and universities run by the Organization.

  18. On his 60th birthday, Sathya Sai Baba foretold that he would not thenceforth age. But now look at him, feeble, breaking down and weeping even in public view, fumbling his so-called 'miracles', and so forth. See: and

  19. try look to

  20. Barry Pittard and Anon, thanks for your efforts in the fight against superstitions!

  21. Loved it!
    "PM—despite his impeccable personal integrity, depleted authority, and zero accountability." #WinWin

  22. You can do a lot with people who come to you with a troubled mind. For one, you can make them feel better by telling them that poverty and troubles are a blessing. Then you can take all their money and make them feel lighter and even better.

  23. .... and now we have about 100 kgs of Gold to take care of.
    The way we are going India is going to be a rich country very soon.

  24. @Sanjay, @Haddock: Thanks for alighting and enlightening :-)


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