How Little Miss Sunshine Saved Her Birthday Party

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(Warning: This story contains kid content. Therefore it is advisable to read it under a kid’s supervision. It is written for Shruti Nainwal, who turned 6 today.)

Little Miss Sunshine didn’t care anymore that her birthday came after everyone else’s at the end of the year in mid December. She was happy that this way she got a whole year to plan for it.

Talking of birthdays, the kids all over the world should thank Miss Sunshine that they can now celebrate their birthdays without worrying about the underground creatures, called keekos, spoiling their parties.

Miss Sunshine is a 6-year-old diva with brown curly hair and the loveliest smile. She has a secret laboratory at her home where she keeps inventing many wonderful and magical things. She also knows many languages; besides Hindi, English, and Spanish, she understands the language of animals and birds.

When she sits on the patio swing in her backyard, little birdies hop near her and tell her fascinating stories from far and wide.

One day when Miss Sunshine was still 3, she saw a big, black, shiny cockroach behind a sofa in her living room. You should know that Miss S has never been afraid of any type of bugs. Still, Miss S got angry at the cockroach because her mommy and her big sister usually started screaming at the sight of bugs. So Miss S scolded the cockroach in a low but firm voice, “Why do you come to scare my sister? Why don’t you live in your own house?”

The cockroach froze at his place as if he was terrified of Miss S. And then he squeaked, “You are so lucky to have hands. We don’t have hands to make houses or cook food.”

“Even then,” Miss S said sternly, “you are not allowed in my house.”

The cockroach went away quietly without saying anything. The very next day when Miss S retuned from school and entered her room, she saw the same cockroach near her closet. She was again mad at him. “I am going to tell my daddy on you and he has a spray that will kill you.”

“No, Miss Sunshine, please listen to me. I have come here to tell you something urgent. It’s about your birthday party.”

Miss S stopped to listen to him. She had been eagerly waiting for her birthday party. “Now, what?” she asked, a little irritated and added, “You are not invited to my birthday. All my friends will run away from the party if they saw you.”

“Not that! I came here to warn you that some keekos are planning to spoil your party.”

“Who are keekos?”

“Oh, don’t you know keekos? They are also like you. They have hands and they walk straight, but they live inside the earth. When you people have parties, it becomes too noisy for them. So now they have planned to spoil all birthday parties so that people stop celebrating birthdays. But you can do nothing to save your parties because you can not see them. They are invisible to you.”

“Really?” Miss S was now worried. “How will they spoil my birthday party?”

“They will pop the balloons, spill the food and drink, and make the guests fight with each other.”

“Ooh! That is so mean!”

“They usually roam on the streets and also inside your homes, but they are invisible to people. You will need to invent special glasses to see them.”

At that moment, Miss S heard the footsteps of her elder sister, so she asked the cockroach to leave. After that day, Miss S became busy with her secret experiments. She spent all her spare time in the laboratory. She collected many types of transparent papers, and then many types of spices from her mom’s kitchen, and also many types of leaves and flowers from her garden. Sometimes she also used her mom’s makeup stuff and her dad’s cologne. She would make different types of transparent papers and look through them to spot the keekos.

But all her efforts failed. She couldn’t see any keeko. The only outcome of her experiments was her dad’s scolding for creating mess, for leaving the papers and other stuff here and there.

Birthday Angels! Send this sweet and beautiful Birthday Wish to your loved one.It was December 13th and only one day was left for her birthday. Her mom and big sister had finished all the shopping for the birthday. They brought lots of stuff for decoration and also plenty of return gifts. When Miss S saw the packets of balloon, she became nervous and distressed. She knew there was no use blowing all those balloons. The keekos were going to pop them. She didn’t tell her mom anything about it because she knew her mom would never believe her, and only make fun of her.

Miss Sunshine’s mom, and dad, and big sister asked her why she was so quiet, but she didn’t tell them anything. She went to her room and started thinking. I have done so many experiments. Now what else can I try? How can I see the keekos?

She was lost in her thoughts when suddenly, tabhi achanak, she heard the cockroach say, “Have you invented the glasses?”

“No. Go away!" Miss S got baffled. "I am thinking. Don’t disturb me. Let me think.”

And she resumed thinking. Only people can not see the keekos, all other animals can see them. All the bugs can see them. It means their eyes are special. Hmm…if I get bugs’ eyes, I can make potion from them.

With such thoughts in her mind, she went to sleep. The next day she collected dead bugs from her backyard, and then put those bugs in water to make magic potion. After sometime she polished some transparent plastic pieces with that potion and looked through them to see what was going on downstairs. To her horror, she saw strange gray creatures roaming around the house. They were more interested in the birthday stuff.

Miss Sunshine immediately told her mom and dad about the keekos. They didn’t believe her until they too saw the keekos through the magic lens invented by Miss Sunshine.

On learning the whole story, Miss Sunshine’s mom gave the keekos such a dressing down, that they all ran away. And the birthday was celebrated with great fun and frolic. No one popped the balloons, spilled the food or drink, or made the guests fight with each other.

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  1. awww... its really sweet :)
    Loved the warning in the beginning ;)

  2. Nice story and Happy Birthday to Shruti Nainwal!!

  3. Madhulika, Shivani, sni, and Kavita, thank you all very much :-)

  4. cute:) A very happy birthday to Little Miss. Sunshine!!

  5. Thank you to all for the lovely Birthday wishes. Giri Aunty, I really-really enjoyed the story. I looked cute in those pictures. Is the Keekos think really gonna happen???

  6. Such an endearing tale of keekos...

  7. Dear Giri Blydon, I held my breath till the end. Looking forward to reading the next adventure.

  8. @Neelam: Thanks!

    @Shruti Nainwal: I am glad you liked the story! You are cuter than those pictures. As for the Keekos, you and your mommy already scared them away at your 4th birthday, so now the do not dare to spoil anybody's birthday party :-)

    @Rahul: thanks a lot!

    @Alka: thanks :-)

    @Umashankar: thanks for recognizing my efforts, U.S.Hemingway !!!

  9. Hi Giribala,

    You have been nominated for the Christmas Blogging Award.

    Take a look :

  10. Wow! All it take for the bugs and keekos to disappear is a good scolding! Loved the tale. Do you have a collection published? if not, get one pronto. It would be great.

  11. I felt like a kid again, tucked in my bed, engrossed in the yarn Ms Giribala had spun!

    Err... are those glasses available on eBay?

  12. Heee.....this is one fairytale I like :) Especially the bug fairy :D

    At first I thought keekos are a metaphor for the unseen damage the net users are causing and the bug being a metaphor for the honorable Mr.Sibal trying to desperately warn little Miss S(the innocent bloggers/twitterers/facebookers).

    But naah, this is just one sweet little bedtime story :)
    Happy Birthday Miss S! :)

  13. @Abha Midha: Thank you so much!!!

    @Zephyr: Thanks for the encouraging words!! Not only mom's scolding, but the fact that humans could see them, send the keekos scampering away :-)

    @Purba: Good idea!! If I were a kid I would have sold such stuff :D

    @Cool Cat: That's an interesting interpretation!! Some one could write such a story :-)


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