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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The parting was difficult. Neither you wanted to leave, nor did I want to lose you. It was our destiny to go our separate ways.

When we were together, I never thought much about you, though you were always there for me. You endured all the sweet and bitter moments of life with me. I took you for granted. You were my hidden pearl, always keeping a low profile. I regret not caring enough for you. Never knew my sweet indulgences were afflicting you until you rebelled and started pestering me.

Yes, you hurt me, you made me suffer. I spent many sleepless nights and painful days. I prayed to all known and unknown deities for your well-being. You remained unrelenting. I even mended my ways and started caring for you, but the damage had been done. Nothing could reverse it.

You were not at fault at all, nor was there any accident or violence involved. My recklessness alone is to be blamed.

I cried when I learned that you will no longer be with me. When you were gone, I was in pain for many days. Gradually, as time passed, the wound healed. Although I don’t miss you a lot, sometimes when I am alone, I do think about you. It’s been many years. The gap you left is still there. I feel incomplete without you. No one can take your place.

Despite the mind-numbing pain at such separations, despite the severity of a loss, life goes on. Now I want to use my loss to spread the message of love and care, though lately I have realized people don’t learn from others’ mistakes. RIP, dear pearl of wisdom! You showed me the light, taught me a lot. Now I brush my remaining pearls three times a day, floss them twice a day, and also get them cleaned by a dentist every six months.

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  1. ROFL!!!! The witty post shows that it wasn't the 'wisdom' pearl...err tooth....brilliant post really...

  2. Today, you have taught me the art of using Anticlimax like a ball of RDX!

  3. Thanks Anjali!!

    @Umashankar: He he....the analogy sounds like an oxymoron :-)

  4. Oh the cruel hands of destiny or was it dentistry ?

  5. What a soliloquy! I sort of guessed it when you used the word gap. :D

  6. Dear tooth, your sacrifice was not in vain. You martyred yourself for a worthy cause. Now GB takes good care of her remaining pearlies.

  7. He he I was sympathizing with the writer.. untill the last line.. lol!

  8. @Kavita: Nice! Now, why didn't I use this word play....

    @Purba: Thanks for reminding! Going to brush the pearlies once again.

    @Zephyr: I wanted to use 'hole' but it didn't fit :-)

    @Gargi: thanks a lot :-)

    @KP: Whether big or small, a loss is a loss :-/

  9. Sob! Sob!

    Heartfelt condolences from my set of pearls for the one departed. May the wisdom pearl attain the highest growth next time and the deepest roots too.
    How many are left now? :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. @Anshul: Thanks! The number is still in two digits.

  11. oooohhh.. what a twist in the end ;)
    I was feeling little sad while reading the post... but the last line made me fall down laughing.. :)

    loved it.. :)
    loads of love to the remaining ones ;)

  12. Brilliant!
    Pearl of wisdom. Really!!

  13. Thanks @Madhulika, thanks @Shiv :-)

  14. The Satire here is mind blowing...its so simple, yet so unique..By simple, i don't mean your words, I mean a concept about caring for one's teeth...and unique coz no one else could have been able to shed light on it the way you have...Just for the content, I would say this is your best work by far :))

  15. I liked it because it reminds me about my great friends :) Admiring ur nice sense of humor

  16. Thanks for sharing your pain caused by excess chocolates that you did not share.

  17. RIP dear pearly! GB has drawn an important lesson from your premature demise and she will always feel your absence in her life.

  18. Thanks Sangeeta!! i am glad you liked it :D

    @Bhavin: You do have great friends!! Thank you :-)

    @Lalit: Learned to share chocolates the hard way!

    @Sammy: The pearly says 'thank you' from the other world!

  19. A very interesting post!Speaks volumes of your immense ingenuity

  20. LOL..quite witty!I was thinking along the lines of some gadget..'coz people these days mourn the loss of their mobiles & laptops more than anything else!
    And this reminds me.. I need to visit a dentist soon!

  21. @Rinaya: Thanks!! Please visit the dentist, and also start cleaning your teeth properly :-|


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