A Prayer: Oh God, Please Get My Blog More Hits Than The Most Popular Ones!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lord Vishnu deeply engrossed in the worldly affairs.
I don’t know how you Christians or Muslims do it, but we Hindus do it the way our ancestors did several thousand years ago. We begin our projects, small or big, with a prayer to God. Whether as students we go to appear in exams, or as businessmen and politicians step out to make important deals especially the corrupt ones, we reverently bow our heads in front of our Gods. My family members never forget to pray before leaving home to travel by air, water, or road. And to this day not a single living member of my family has ever died in an accident.

I love God because I have a soft spot for bad boys, and He is the baddest of them all. I don’t like the words worse or worst; they sound so wussy. What? You don’t think He is bad? Try to imagine all the bad things happening around the world. If thinking is too much of an effort, open any newspaper. Don’t like newspapers? Oh, I see, you are a hardcore. In that case, I recommend you read a holy book. You are simply frustrating! Pick any damn one from any religion!

My Baddie works very hard, day and night—look at the picture—to keep His creatures in pain, hunger, anger, and ignorance. I have a message for all my fellow believers: Please keep on fighting all the Christians, Muslims, atheists, and agnostics, who are too egotistic to follow our way of living, because that is exactly what God wants. He likes to pitch people against each other, just as we enjoy cockfights, dogfights, and bullfights.

To that omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God, I pray with all my heart and lungs, Oh God, get my blog more hits than the most popular ones!

Please don’t shower accolades,
For writing this magnificent post.
I have been a mere instrument,
In the hands of the Supreme Lord.

(Picture Courtesy: satsangh.mantraaonline.com )


  1. Three cheers for this wonderful post, may your baddie bless you with lot of creativity to write many more posts like this one.

  2. God as a benign being in Para 1 and as a villain of the piece later, difficult to reconcile. It's not He who is the perpetrator of the evils mentioned by you, it's His creation, man. That's where He blundered, creating man !

  3. Many thanks for coming over to pray for the success of The Grist Mill!

  4. May your prayers come true. Just wish this baddie is not that baddie who does not like getting called a baddie. Rather he be the ever proud one calling out loud "bad man"!

  5. Nice meeting you +Amit! Keep visiting :-)

  6. Great post and congratulations on becoming a blogging netizen, although you've shree-ganesh-ed by offending the Abrahamic God who lords over the Americas, Europe and Middle-east. If he spits hellfire, you'll have to summon the services of the Sudarshan Chakra with great urgency.

    Shakira has a lot of answers (and questions) in her famous song "How do you do" reproduced below (at least it sounds good on the song).

    What language do you speak
    If you speak at all?
    Are you some kind of freak
    Who lives to raise the ones who fall?

    Hey, could you tell me why
    The cat fights the dog?
    Do you go to the Mosque
    Or the Synagogue?

    And if our fates have all been wrapped around your finger
    And if you wrote the script then why the troublemakers?

    How do you do?
    How does it feel to be so high
    And are you happy?
    Do you ever cry?

    ... I sometimes cry ...

    You've made mistakes
    Well that's OK 'cause we all have
    But if I forgive yours
    Will you forgive mine?

    Hey, do you feel our pain
    And walk in our shoes?
    Have you ever felt starved
    Or is your belly always full?

    How many people die
    And hurt in your name?
    Hey, does that make you proud
    Or does it bring you shame?

    And if our fates have all been wrapped around your finger
    And if you wrote the script then why the troublemakers?

  7. Welcome aboard! Many thanks for the complementary comment!

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6HT1NucP6c


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