A Love Song

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Your Arrow My Heart 
You’ve occupied my heart,
And made a mess of it,
As the Multi-National Force
Has done in Iraq.

Still, I hold you in
The same holy vein,
As holed Bin-Laden
Holds his cause.

I read your words
With the same reverence,
As George W. Bush
Reads the Bible.

I pine for your company
As Ahmadinejad
Pines for nuclear weapons.

Sympathize with me,
I’m ostracized and forlorn,
Like Kim Jong Il
Of North Korea.

Covetously, I claim
You belong to me,
As Pakistan claims for
Whole Kashmir.

I pursue my goal
With the perseverance
Of Dalai Lama
For a free homeland.

My love for you
Will last as long
As US forces remain
On the foreign soil.

I will stop this now,
Before you call it a rant,
And liken me to Qaddafi
At the G20 Summit.


  1. And Yet you captured my heart again
    The ingenuity of the words chosen,
    Echoed in the realms of my brain
    And my hear is forever beholden!

  2. Nice song, but how could you spare obama and hileri:-)

  3. Hello Anonymous, you seem to have a mastery of words too!
    Yes Tripti, you have a point! I'll think about it.

  4. Wow...thats some imagination and wizardry of words.


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