Deathly Adventures Of Little Qaddu: Based On A True Story

Friday, September 25, 2009

Qaddu's Ancestral Haveli
At his large ancestral home, Little Qaddu was everybody’s favorite. He was a chubby boy with wide eyes and thick black hair. When he was born, his mother had taken him to a soothsayer or maharaj who foretold that the child would bring glory to his parents. Little Qaddu was quiet, obedient and hardworking. He spent his spare time learning magic spells instead of playing gulli-danda or cricket with the other boys on the streets.

But he could not enjoy a quiet childhood. As he grew up, so did the seething unrest at his home. Aah, the home, which rightfully belonged to Qaddu’s clan has been occupied by Bittu Raja and his descendents by crookery. The occupiers made Qaddu and his extended family live in the servant quarters. Some members of Qaddu’s family were hand-in-glove with the occupiers, some were unconcerned, while a few, deemed as troublemakers, wanted their house back. As a child, Qaddu was barely concerned about the tensions of the grownups.

The agitators finally ousted Bittu Raja’s descendents. Unfortunately, even before the enemy had completely evacuated the dwelling, the cousins started bickering. Qaddu’s Pa, a man with zeal as thick as his beard, fearing discrimination against his flock, decided to part from his cousins, whom he called the Infidels. At that time, Qaddu stayed back, but when the bitterness did not abate, he too fled and joined Pa. The traumatic experience left Qaddu with an intense hatred toward his cousins.

Pa managed his large family well, but always felt threatened by the Infidels. In those trying times, a Rich Uncle, famous for meddling in other people's affairs, helped Pa. Qaddu excelled in his studies, worked for his Pa for a brief period and then his ambition carried him to Yoro, a friend of Uncle Rich.

He rarely missed Pa, as he was engrossed in learning the Death Spell. At that time, only a select few had a mastery over the Spell, which could be used for healing as well as for destruction.

Qaddu, now a very handsome man, brash and aggressive, was living life to the fullest. One day, he was asking about the price of a stamp, when a lovely white girl answered his query. They started seeing each other, fell in love, and married to have two daughters.

Back at home, even under Pa’s iron rule, corruption and poverty were on the rise. Pa kept his subjects under control by raising a scare of the Infidels. He also minted Uncle Rich to stock his armory. The Infidels did break away a member of Pa’s family after a bloody fight. On top of it, in the coming days, the Infidels acquired the ultimate Death Spell. Pa felt betrayed and vulnerable. Though one of his sons had been trying to decode the Spell, he was far from being successful.

Miles away from his family, Qaddu was also equally disturbed. He illegitimately copied the long sequences of the Spell from Yoro’s secret chambers and returned to his Pa. After diligently putting the pieces together, they demonstrated to the world that they were not inferior to anyone. His family hailed him as a hero and a savior.

Rich Uncle and Yoro, who in the past had ignored Qaddu’s illegal activities, were now trying their best to contain the spread of the Death Spell. Qaddu was already living a life in neck-deep luxuries when Uncle Rich caught him selling the Spell clandestinely to five or six families for billions of dollars. Pa put the blame entirely on Qaddu, while the lad said that he had only followed Pa’s instructions.

The blame game will go on, but the harm is done. Now the Spell that is powerful enough to destroy the whole planet is in the hands of many a rogue family. Let us all hope the good sense prevails. Ironically, the favorite son now lives in a fear for his life from Pa, in whose custody he remains. The story is more complicated than it seems because of Uncle Rich’s involvement and his love-hate relationship with Pa.

(You can read the true story here: 1, 2, 3
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  1. Thanks Tripti! I wanted to write a shorter piece, but couldn't summarize further.

  2. Really well articulated semi-satirical post i must say. And as you said the whole scenario is complex enough that it cannot be summarized in any better way!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for the encouragement! I needed that.


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