New Workplace

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friends, I have found a new place to work. As my sisters in India would say, "Jhadu-pochha-bartan ke liye nayi kothi pakadi hai." Most of you might have had the nerve-racking experience of starting work at a new place. Ask President Obama how difficult it has been to clear the mess created by one's predecessor. While I as a cleaning lady am busy scrubbing grease from the kitchen counters, my husband, the gardener and the handyman is busy fixing the leaking pipes and replacing other faulty hardware.

Not only the basic maintenance, we are responsible for the decor of the place as well. We have already spent a sizable chunk of our hard-earned money from other jobs on this new workplace. Yeah, we need to juggle at other jobs too to maintain this place. Well, you must be thinking, "Nobody held a gun on your head to take this tough job." I know, but it is a natural instinct similar to having kids.

We humans are strangely wired creatures. Some of us like doing tough jobs in the name of job satisfaction. We burn ourselves like candles to light up our surroundings and try to extricate small joys from the heaps of miseries. I hope my work at this new place will get streamlined in a few days, enabling me to spend my time on more onerous tasks.

New Workplace
(This house looks eerily similar to the clipart I had used in a related post, Oh, Give Me A Home)


  1. If I was to get to stay at this house,I would do whatever it takes....even Jhaddu Pochha


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