The Middle East Domino Effect

Monday, March 7, 2011

For the past few days, every news channel has been talking about the Middle East. At first, I thought this was related to the directions on a compass, but then I googled and read about the history in making. The moment of enlightenment for me was when I came across the word—Domino. It was like a ‘Eureka!’ moment. Not that I understood the topic entirely, but I got the gist of the matter, if you know what I mean. I discovered that the Middle East was a company that supplied frozen pizzas and oil all over the world.

On deeper investigation, I found that the bases of the pizzas were unremarkable just like the bases from any other company, but the deadly toppings have killed hundreds of thousands of people everywhere. Another sad fact is that most of the branches of the Middle East Company keep their workers in shackles and make them crawl.

There is another conglomerate of companies that calls itself The Super West. These companies have everything going well for them. Their workers are happy in every way, but they are addicted to the oil from the Middle East Company. I guess the oil that has been referred to is chameli-ka-tel.

I somehow find the Super West way too greedy. To buy the tel at low prices and to make a profit from selling antidotes for the deadly pizza toppings, the Super West supports the Middle East’s indulgence in both the inhuman acts mentioned above. This has been going on for the past 50 years or so.

New inventions like Internet, especially the social networking sites on it, have percolated knowledge and information to the new generation in the Middle East and have loosened their shackles.

I wish people all around the world made their own pizzas from scratch. The recipes are available on the Internet. In case they still can’t do without the frozen bases passed on by their ancestors, they should at least start rejecting the pernicious toppings and add their own fresh toppings. Don’t be lazy folks…jeene marne ka sawal hai.

We the readers of The Grist Mill send our best wishes to the new generation of the Middle East. Hail Internet, hail social networking sites, and hail knowledge and information!

If you want to know more, you can find detailed information on the various branches of the Middle East Company in the following graphic from the Washington Post.


  1. A brilliant allegory, laced in your trademark humour.

  2. It's time for a change, time for despots to let go. And Gadaffi is a serious case of megalomania.

    Loved your write-up.

  3. Brilliant write-up in your inimitable style. :) I don't understand why only a handful read The Grist Mill. I think you need to hire a PR person for TGM. :)

  4. lols! very well written! will keep comng back for more

  5. @USP: Thanks!
    @Purba: The despots get military aid and support from the super power, but lets hope people's power defeat them!
    @Ajay: Arey, TGM has a lot of readers, but most of them are a bit shy and don't leave comments here. They also read your comments with great interest and even go ahead and read your blog and provide me feedback.
    @Raam Pyari: thanks..yeah please do come back :-)

  6. Yes, it is all tel ka khel for the Super West.

    A whiff of Jasmine and the female bodyguards of Gaddafi are already shivering.

  7. It had to happen, sooner than later.

  8. Loved the way you used so many metaphors to write about the crisis in the middle east. Especially the Super West bit. :D

  9. Are you planning to get into politics, the Ramdev way? :P

  10. @Alka: He is still bombing his people. No one have to guess from where he received those ammunitions from.

    @BKC: True! The younger ones are bringing the it on!

    @Sammy: Thanks :-)

    @Sayak: Meri daastan ko zara sa badal kar, mujhe hi sunaya sawere sawere!!
    Yes, I have been trying hard to get into this Academy Of Politics For Women:

  11. Where is india in this map. Looks like some far off place. Yes we do have dominos pizza here in India if tats anything to do with all this.

  12. Just stumbled across your blog from one of my Google searches.
    Will come back to read more from you.

  13. @Harsh: I heard you were learning geography from a two year old.... Of course it's all about Dominos :-)
    @Kannan: I am so happy you discovered my blog :-))

  14. Brilliantly written, GB!!

  15. I just love this post - reminds me of The Animal Farm with all its allegory!

    Hope the Middle East shines in a new light once the darkness is over!



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