How KBC Changed My Life

Sunday, November 6, 2011

(Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) is an Indian version of the UK game show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire)

Dear all, today I want to share my awe-inspiring, life-changing story with you. Thanks to the godsend KBC and its magnanimous superstar host, the one and only, Amitabh Bachchan Jee, I have been transformed from a meek, depressed, stressed-out person into a confident, optimistic, and an upbeat individual. The game show has burst open the gate of opportunity in front of my eyes and has allowed me to dream big about money, fame, and success in life.

Eleven years ago, I used to slug at home as an unpaid housemaid and drudge at a private school as a teacher bogged down between ungrateful students and hateful administration for a meager amount.

At home, I was always censured by my husband and his family for my experimental cooking and personal habits. While at school, I was reprimanded for my innovative teaching style, wherein I allowed the students to discuss the subject matter freely among themselves, and also let them share notes with each other via paper airplanes. But a few pathetic students complained about me to the pedantic principal, who in turn pulled me up for poor class control.

My self-esteem was at its lowest ebb. I endured such humiliation and indignation only because I needed a roof over my head and some fancy clothes and jewelry on my body. This went on for a year and a half. Around this time, during Dussera-Diwali break, I visited my parents, where I found everyone hooked on a new TV show, Kaun Banega Crorepati, hosted by our beloved Amitabh Bachchan Jee. When my parents saw me answering most of the questions, they encouraged me to participate in the show. That was the turning point of my life. That was the beginning of my passionate love affair with KBC.

In anticipation of becoming a crorepati or a multi-millionaire, I quit my job as an under-paid school teacher. When my oppressive in-laws raised eyebrows over my telephone bills, I left their home to live with my parents.

Since then, I have been waiting for my rendezvous with Amitabh Bachchan Jee on KBC. Meanwhile, I have been devouring general knowledge books nineteen to the dozen. For my day to day expenses, I have taken loan from many banks as well as from my friends and relatives. I have also bought myself a few luxuries of life that I had wished for a long time, though the wish list keeps on growing. Thanks to KBC, I have been living a comfortable, contented, and dignified life.

Other than trying to get into KBC, I spend my time in pooja- pathh or prayers and religious ceremonies, which gives me immense satisfaction, tranquility and peace of mind. I am a staunch believer, and one of these days, God is going to fulfill my wish.

There have been times when I have felt low because the show was not on air. But this year, when KBC resumed in its new avatar after a brief hiatus, my happiness knew no bounds. You cannot imagine the joy I experience on hearing the personal stories of the wretched contestants and then seeing them win. My heart is filled with gratitude for Amitabh Bachchan Jee. We Indians do not have good roads, uninterrupted electricity, or clean surroundings, but we are the luckiest in the world to have Amitabh Bachchan Jee. He gives hope and inspiration to the poor illiterate, semi-literate, and literate people of India. He inspires us all to watch KBC and dream big.

I am a perfect candidate for the show, as I have a great personal story to tell, and also have the capability to learn and deliver dialogues flawlessly. I will be the KBC scriptwriters’ delight.

My friends keep asking me what I am going to do with the huge award money. Well, first of all, I will have to repay all the loans and then keep some dough for my future, since I do not want to work anymore for a living. With the remaining amount, I will form a trust to help the destitute and impoverished people of India.

I feel very strongly about the condition of women and children in my home country. Therefore my trust would provide premium quality cosmetics and designer handbags to the poor and needy women, and Xbox, Nintendo DS games, iPod touch, and such stuff to the deprived children. The trust will also distribute free tickets to the events like F1 race and Metallica concert to the poverty-stricken, underprivileged select few.

KBC, here I come.

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  1. I will change my name to Lalit G Chowdhary, so people will have no trouble calling me Lalit Jee, once I win KBC, that is.

  2. It is a masterpiece. You have burst open the entrails of the Indian paradox with few, sparse lines.In a nation where millions regularly wonder where there next meal is going to come from and if it does, where they are going to defecate, it feels bizarre to think of Xbox, Nintendo,iPad and F1. You have brilliantly used the juxtaposition to expose the abysmal divide and deepen the irony of it all.

  3. Hope to see u in KBC 6....sharing ur blogging experiences with Big B...please ask him to say hello to me...Promise.

  4. Satire at its best:)superlike:)

  5. That was a wonderful post Giribala. The show has somehow lost its spontaneity and today sounds scripted and sometimes even too contrived. The videos of the contestants and the tears and all -- too theatrical if you ask me.

    What a noble thought though -- to donate cosmetics and make-up stuff to the underprivileged. You deserve a Magsaysay if not a Nobel :)

  6. Thank you all for the nice words and for the smileys too!! As suggested by @Alka, I will surely remember to ask Big B to say "Hello" to all of you!!

  7. You can even provide them with Blackberry mobile phones so that the poor folks will be in touch with you; even they can demand for some basic amenities like Nano car, LCD TVs, Chappati makers to you through phone calls. why not???
    Truly entertaining!!!


  8. I was watching and tweeting about one of the contestants on KBC, a man from Haryana. He doesn't like women like Mallika Sherawat and Rakhi Sawant, and he doesn't even watch TV to avoid their bad influence on himself.

    He married his girl friend (love marriage) because his mother was not well, and they needed someone to do the house work.

    Now, I have a feeling, he would not like you spoiling his wife by offering her free cosmetics. These 'western' things might turn her into Mallika Sherawat (also from Haryana). He won't like his wife to be spoiled because there is a shortage of women in Haryana and it would be difficult to find another one.

  9. Thanks for the alert, IHM. I will not help such people who do not respect women...

  10. I wonder how many people would really be doing something like this...
    Wonderful play with satire

  11. Giribala don't forget your needy friend when you are giving away freebies :D

  12. The last paragraph says it all... Right from Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha and Mayawati all want to dole out the largesse to the needy! Will wait to see you fulfill your promise in KBC 6! Best wishes!

  13. It sounds very nice to hear of poor people getting loads of money through part luck and part talent. I was only wondering is it really a blessing to get be catapulted to a different class of the rich without having worked one's way up in normal course.

    Would not it be a bigger problem for the poor chap who won 5 Crores one fine day to plan the financials and save himself from the crooks who will surley swoop on him? Would he have been better off with smaller amounts just enough to take him out of loans etc. I do not know really.

    Life is not that simple after all.

  14. Ha! Thanks for showing my path to nirvana giribala. I have also decided to take the higher path of knowledge for gain and live happily ever after in my wealthy dreams!

  15. Thanks Rinaya, Purba, Rahul, Raju, and Saumya :-)

  16. dont forget to add me in your friends' list, please

  17. I miss KBC 1. That was something worth watching. Never watched Seasons 4 and 5(or is it 6 now?)due to the generous doses of downright cheap emotional nautanki in them.


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