Mr. Shashi Tharoor, You Should Resign!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shashi Tharoor
I am a senior Congress party leader, who has worked his way to the top with utmost loyalty to the Family, not fallen from the sky like you, Mr. Tharoor, to acquire a plum post. If it were only for one tweet where you said that you would travel “cattle class in solidarity with all our holy cows,” we would have overlooked it as a misdemeanor. But holy bull what is this I read in The Hindu? A felony indeed.

You had written this about Indiraji! I just can’t believe my eyes!

"Had Indira’s Parsi husband been a toddywalla (liquor trader) rather than so conveniently a Gandhi, I sometime wonder, might India’s political history have been different?"

“Mrs. Gandhi was skilled at the acquisition and maintenance of power, but hopeless at the wielding of it for larger purposes. She had no real vision or program beyond the expedient campaign slogans; “remove poverty” was a mantra without a method.”

My blood is boiling at such derogatory mention of Rajiv Gandhi—

“visionless expediency that had been his mother’s only credo, Rajiv offered transparent sincerity and conviction ... the rot set in -- Compromise followed sellout as New Delhi returned to business as usual. Charges of corruption in a major howitzer contract with the Swedish arms manufacturer Bofors tarnished the mystique of the dynasty; little children sang, Galli-galli mein shor hai/Rajiv Gandhi chor hai: ‘Hear it said in every nook/Rajiv Gandhi is a crook.’?”

I’m going to stop reading now. My eyes are blurred by the fumes escaping from my ears.

“A builder’s daughter from Turino, without a college degree, with no experience of Indian life beyond the rarefied realms of the Prime Minister’s residence, fiercely protective of her privacy, so reserved and unsmiling in public that she has been unkindly dubbed ‘the Turin Shroud’ leading a billion Indians at the head of the world’s most complex, rambunctious and violent democracy?”

How could you write like this about Baba and Priyankaji!

“And then there is, after all, in true dynastic tradition, the need to think of the aspirations of the next generation ... Their [Rahul and Priyanka] father’s seat must, observers suggest, be kept warm for one of them — and who better to nurse the Amethi constituency he so successfully nurtured than Sonia herself?”

Do you think you can stay as a Congress minister after these unfortunate revelations? We have zero tolerance for heresies. We won’t beat the drum about the real reason because that will make us look like dynasty-boot-lickers, rather ask you to tender your resignation for comparing economy class travelers to cattle. If you do not resign, appropriate action will be taken against you at the appropriate time.

(I just realized after putting up this post that I have ruined my chances of becoming a Congress party minister, but so have you Sundeep Dougal.)

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  1. Hahaha! Lovely ! :D

  2. Hey tweedlethumb, thanks for your comment! This was my 2nd post on this blog. I am happy that you still found it relevant enough to laugh.



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